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Kristie Kady, RN, BSN, IBCLC

RN, BSN, IBCLC  Rush University, Chicago

Kristie Kady graduated from Rush University in 2007 with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Soon after graduation she began working in Rush’s Neonatal ICU as a bedside nurse. 

In 2008, she completed a Lactation Educator course and began working with moms and babies (preterm, full term and special needs) in addition to continuing to work as a bedside nurse in the NICU. In 2012, she successfully passed her International Board Certified Lactation Consultation Exam and has since been practicing as an IBCLC in the NICU. Kristie specializes in assisting mothers with non-nutritive suckling while their babies are on CPAP, use of pre and post test weights, nipple shields, supplemental nursing systems, and hospital grade breast pumps to protect a mother's milk supply.

Kristie also assists with any current research studies being conducted in the NICU and has been serving as the Chairperson of the Lactation Committee since 2011.