Site Visit

Site Visit

Spend Friday afternoon with the Rush Mothers’ Milk Club! 

  • Attend the world renowned Mothers' Milk Club luncheon from 1-3pm Friday 
  • ·         Meet the breastfeeding peer counselors. (And director Dr. Paula Meier if available - not guaranteed) 
  • ·         Take a tour of the Rush NICU to get an inside look at how we utilize cutting edge lactation research
  • ·         Shadow a Rush NICU BPC for 2 hours before or after the MMC meeting (based on BPC availability). 

Please call to schedule:  (312) 947-8914

*$150.00 donation to the Rush Mothers' Milk Club fund. Payment is due at time of visit. *


****Special offer:  Site visit + choice of one of our DVDs and sale packet of all of our materials used with our families (including recent research) = $250.00