Jun 11 2017

Upcoming Conference to be RESCHEDULED

We regret to report that Dr. Collado has taken ill so we are forced to POSTPONE the conference previously scheduled to take place on June 26, 2017.  

Our sincere hope is that Dr. Collado's schedule will allow us to reschedule this exciting event at some point in early Fall 2017.  

For those of you who have already paid for the event, please contact so that we can arrange for a full refund.


The Rush Mothers' Milk Club will sponsor Dr. Maria Carmen Collado from the Spanish National Research Council, Valencia, Spain, for a conference to take place at a date to be announced in the months to come.  

Dr. Maria Carmen ColladoDr. Collado is a world renowned researcher and scholar in the field of the gut microbiome, with a specialization into its shaping by early life events including maternal pre-pregnancy health, delivery complications, human milk versus formula feeding and the human milk microbiome.  She has published multiple papers addressing the infant gut microbiome, developmentally-based opportunities to modify the infant gut microbiome, and the mechanisms by which human milk impacts and programs the recipient infant gut microbiome.  Her work in this area has emphasized, but is not restricted to, premature infants.  She has several papers that target the maternal milk microbiome and its cytokine profile as a function of maternal risk factors, including maternal overweight and obesity.  

Dr. Collado, an esteemed researcher and scholar, is an engaging presenter who is exceptionally knowledgeable about human milk science.

The conference will also be an opportunity to showcase new research from the Rush human milk research team, with special presentations by resident Rush experts Dr. Paula Meier, PhD RN and Dr. Aloka Patel, MD.  Drs. Meier and Patel and other members of the Rush Human Milk Research team have known Dr. Collado for several years via international meetings surrounding their common interest in human milk research.  


Dr. Anna Spagnoli

Dr. Maria Carmen ColladoDr. Aloka PatelPaula P.  Meier,  RN,  DSNc, FAAN

The program begins with a welcome by Dr. Anna Spagnoli, Professor and Women's Board Chair of the Department of Pediatrics, Rush Univesity Medical Center.

Having attended medical school in Italy at the University of Rome Tor Vergata School of Medicine, Dr. Spagnoli is no stranger to international collaboration in the field of pediatric medicine.

Dr. Collado will take the stage to discuss the "Impact of Maternal Milk Microbiome and Pregnancy Complications on Infant Microbiome and Future Health."

Following a brief break for refreshments, Dr. Aloka Patel, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Rush University Medical Center, will share her insights on "Predicting Mother’s Own Milk Feeding at NICU Discharge: Maternal Social, Health and Pumping Factors."

Next up is Dr. Paula Meier, PhD RN, Professor of Pediatrics and Nursing, Rush University Medical Center, for a lively presentation on "Biological Measures of Lactation Risk in Breast Pump-Dependent Mothers."

Finally, you'll have the opportunity to get to know our speakers in a roundtable discussion and "q and a."

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REGISTRATION FEE is $40, with discounted fee of $25 for RUMC employees and Breastfeeding Peer Counselors.  There is no charge for LLL leaders and LLL members.  (*RUMC employees and BPCs, as well as LLL leaders and members will be required to show their ID at the door.)

Due to the popularity of this significant event, PRE-REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY.  (This includes RUMC employees, BPCs, and LLL members/leaders.)

To register, please download and print the registration form; then return the completed form via email or scan and fax to the number indicated on the form.  

Please read the payment instructions on the downloaded registration instruction form, then plan on either paying at the door, or pre-paying at according to the instructions on the form.

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For questions, please email .

Selected publications may be downloaded below.

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