Aug 15 2014

Dr. Aloka Patel to Study Barriers to Continued Provision of Human Milk in Black Mothers with Very Low Birthweight Infants

The Rush Mothers' Milk Club is proud to announce that Dr. Aloka Patel has received a notice of grant award from the National Institutes of Health for her study, "Barriers to Continued Provision of Human Milk for Black Mothers of Very Low Birthweight Infants"Aloka Patel, MD, FAAPThis two-year award will allow Dr. Patel, who is Associate Professor of Pediatrics and an Attending Neonatologist at Rush, to determine why Black mothers who initiate lactation for their VLBW infants at rates identical to non-Black infants, do not meet their self-stated goals to continue milk provision through to NICU discharge.   Dr. Patel's research integrates maternal data from the team's initial 5-year study, "Health Outcomes and Cost of Human Milk Feedings for Very Low Birthweight Infants" with state-of-the art geospatial mapping techniques to identify modifiable barriers to continued milk provision. 

Working with Dr. Patel as co-investigators are Rush faculty members Drs. Harold Bigger, Janet Engstrom, Michael Schoeny and Paula Meier.